Yossi Stern Construction has extensive experience in every aspect of Real Estate Management. We are a full service team that encompasses many interests and responsibilities of day-to-day property management, and long-term Real Estate holdings.


Yossi Stern Construction Service is a TURN KEY OPERATION, a 1 Stop Shop. Meaning that you come to us with a project, a sizable renovation project, and we handle everything in house.

Yossi Stern Construction will come out, do the measurements, listen to what you want to do and what your end goal is. YSC will draw up the entire house, create plans on our 2020 program, show you the materials, and describe the materials we want to use for the job. If we need an architect, engineer, expeditor, or a specialty inspector for DOB, YSC has them all in our services.

If you have violations in the course of doing a renovation that you want to correct, YSC can handle those violations as well. We can fix it, take pictures, give it to the expeditor, and go to the hearings to get those violations dismissed. So, when the job is done, you won’t have any violations. 

And then of course if you hire us to do a job we implement all those services, bring the materials, have the materials delivered, do all the construction, whether it’s the demolition, the framing, structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, roofing, windows, sheetrock, doors, moldings, YSC does it all. The tile work, appliance fixtures, electric fixtures, electrical layouts, electrical lighting design, so many different types of lighting programs that we can do.

When the job is complete you know you went to 1 person for the entire process and it's management. Incorporated in all that work we also follow EPA’s rules, for having lead testing done, before and after a construction project is done. That is the law. We are familiar with the laws, the local, with the city, familiar with the laws of the federal government, and we incorporate all that into our project. You don’t have to worry if the contractor is following all the rules.